July 14, 2009

Summer is Flying by!

We headed up to Wyoming two weeks ago to spend some time with family and friends. The boys, Nathan and Sam, Aubrey and I left with a Tucson trunk full of suitcases and good attitudes for our long two day drive. We were glad to finally get there! We enjoyed our time there.

COUSINS: We spent some fun time with cousin Solvieg and Aunt Ruth They drove down from Laramie to spend a few days. Solvieg really liked Sam. He was a good cousin and kept her occupied with mini adventures through the yard and house. Until she had to go poo... then he found any adult that would take her in to go!
We also got to meet our new cousin Mason Joaquin. I'm so glad Sarah, Greg and Mason drove from Rawlins to spend time with us. I enjoyed meeting Mason.
Holli and Bailey just made it over to see us the day we were leaving. They rode their bikes up to Mom's and we had a little visit. Next time I'll see Holli is at the start line of the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Vegas!

THE BEAUTY OF WYOMING: Mup took Aubrey and Nate out into the country to do some target shooting. Nate used his bow and Aubrey used a rifle. Nathan blamed the always blowing wind on his wacky hits with his arrows. They sure had fun!

BEFORE OUR TRIP TO WYOMING: My niece Aubrey came back from Disneyland to Tucson with us. She spent about a month with the boys. It was nice having another girl around! We did a lot of fun activities. Bowling, Breakers, tons of Pool Time, Lifeguard class, church, YMCA, mall, movies, dinner out...... We had a good time with Aubrey.
Aubrey, Nate and Sam at the Lucky Strikes Bowling alley. There were tons of pictures of me that Sam took - HOWEVER, they will not be published as they were all taken from BEHIND! Not a pretty picture!

Sam loves to dress up! This is his latest creation. Notice the nice dress up shirt with the camo pants and accessories! He is a such a funny little guy!

June 06, 2009


Family Vacation Time - 2009

Our trip to California started with a layover in Indian Wells (Palm Springs). We stayed in a gorgeous resort and enjoyed the afternoon in the pools and reading. We left some momentos behind - my red dress, Doug's shirt that he is wearing in the picture and a swim suit cover up. Oops!

We spent a fun filled week with my parents, sister and brother in law and cousins at the Wonderful World of Disneyland! It was exhausting, but a fun time was had by all. Sam enjoyed shopping, eating and meeting the characters, Nathan and Kaleb enjoyed the thrill rides. Tanya and Doug enjoyed the time with family and watching the cousins all have a good time with each other.

Face Painting Time!

Meeting the Characters!
Can you find Goofy? He's next to the pirate!

Family - Thanks Nana and Mup for the memories!

May 21, 2009

Promotion Time!

Can you believe it? We have one leaving 5th grade. One leaving 8th grade and one who will go onto his senior year!?!? Where has all the time gone?
Sam had promotion this Tuesday. He was awarded the Presidential Award of Achievement. There were 8 students out of 125 that were given this award. His team of teachers gave it to him because of his outstanding growth both academically and socially this year! We are proud of him!

Nathan was promoted today. The ceremony was beautiful. He was recognized with a group of students as being proof that it is okay to be smart! He was awarded with a Volunteer Award for helping out in the La Cima school community. His teachers had so many positive things to say about him. He is a born leader. I think he will go far in life. He was in National Junior Honor Society, Choir, track and in all honors classes. He will go into high school with two math credits under his belt. (If we can only do something about the hair!:)!)

I promoted 24 5th graders today. As we walked through our final walk through the hallways of the school for the last time I thought about what this year has been both at school and at home - it has been a challenge, a year of growth, a time for friendship and sharing good times, being positive leaders and role models, learning about how important health, family and friends are, growing spiritually, and of course about love! I wasn't sad to see my little kiddos go off to be middle schoolers, but a piece of me always leaves with them as they walk out those doors for the final time. I put a lot of time and love into them - and hope that they leave with a sense of how important they are in this world. They can all make a positive mark - a unique one for some of them!

April 08, 2009

This Old Man

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Doug turns 40 April 9th, 2009. We had a small get together to help him celebrate last weekend. We had some great friends over, new and old. I think it was a bit of a surprise and he enjoyed the evening. Here are a couple of pictures.

Nathan's School Project

Nathan had to put together a project for his language/humanities class. He was reading books that took place during the Harlem Renaissance. He just had to pick the option of purchasing and wearing a Zoot Suit. I have to say, he is pretty handsome. And he must have thought so too, as he took many self pictures!

March 20, 2009

Trip to DC

Kaleb sent in an audition tape to the OAKE National Music Conference. He was one of 150 young adults who made it (out of 500 + applicants!). That meant that we got to spend 6 days with him in our nation's capital! He received his music in December and had to have it all memorized and pitched by our arrival in March. We planned on flying out on a Tuesday and meeting him in DC. Our weather was beautiful and we had no problems leaving Tucson. Kaleb, however, had a cancelled flight directly out of RS due to weather. He got a later flight and made it to DC that evening at 9:45.
We did a lot of site seeing...saw all the important monuments.

The concert was phenomenal. Constitional Hall was beautiful. It was amazing to see young adults from all over the nation, come together and perform with such precision. It was an honor to be there listening.

We are very proud of our young man.